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When you book a boudoir session with Sincerely You Portraits, it's not just about buying photos for a special someone - you are investing in an experience that will change the way you see yourself. My goal as a boudoir specialist is for you to walk away from your experience with fresh, empowered eyes!

By the end of your session you're going to feel like a whole new woman. You'll walk taller, feel stronger, and know that you are capable of anything.

Here's what other women have to say
about their experience:

"My boudoir session was initially for my husband as a wedding gift, and although the groom LOVED the pictures its imperative that you all know, I am IN LOVE with them! The work she does with that camera and with her kind words will really impact your life. She has given me so much more self confidence, and has shown me how to love myself!" -Jerica

"Ash is such an expert on empathy. She was able to read when I was starting to get nervous and then immediately comforted me. It wasn't catty, it wasn't demeaning... which I always thought a photographer would be. She cared. She cared about me, she cared about my comfort, heck... she even cared about what music we played. It was one of the greatest, thrilling, empowering experience of my life. Ash is an absolute pleasure, I cannot get enough of her and her work!" -Ippy

Lately I was just not feeling as young and beautiful as I once saw myself. So I really wanted to get out of my shell and do a shoot with Ashlee. I wanted to show myself that I am sexy and just getting better with age! I was incredibly nervous for my shoot and Ashlee made me feel super comfortable and she guided me the whole way through (also letting me know how great I was doing and how beautiful I looked ;) she even gave me little sneak peaks to confirm her compliments)! Ashlee BLEW me away! She made me feel EMPOWERED and BEAUTIFUL! And when I got to see my photos...WOW...just WOW! I'm going to need to start an annual SYP fund! .#addictedtoboudoir #imgonnabebroke #sincerelyyouprotraits

Do something different and let me show you how truly beautiful you are. It's such a rare opportunity to be able to see yourself from someone else's perspective!

When you book your session, you'll receive a confirmation email that has important links and information, including a link to my Dream Shoot Planner & Lingerie Guide! Here's an excerpt from the guide:

BODYSUIT. (100% recommended!!!) A close-fitting, one-piece stretch garment for women. They are considered clothing, but they are great for boudoir too! They work for EVERY body type!!

Once booked, you're welcome to email me to consult about your lingerie choices. I'm here to support you however you need help leading up to your session! Don't worry, I'll help you choose outfits that are flattering for your body type and fit your personality. Also, you'll also have access to my (currently limited) boudoir closet as a backup - which consists of a variety of clothing such as bodysuits, dresses, bras, shoes, and jewelry. 


When you arrive, we'll get you settled in the den for hair & makeup first. We'll gush over your outfits and jam out to your favorite playlist. Once finished, it's my turn to play - We'll head to my studio room, turn on my special boudoir playlist, and get started with your photoshoot!

The beginning always seems to be the scariest part for everyone, but I promise within 15 minutes you'll be having fun. I will guide you step-by-step through a variety of poses and expressions - don't be surprised if I climb up on the bed with you to show you how it's done! Once I get you into a pose, I will make micro adjustments to your body to make sure that you look good from the tippy-top of your head, all the way down to your toes!




Every Session Includes



  • Preparation & planning
  • Your Dream Shoot Planner & a VERY thorough lingerie guide
  • Optional wardrobe consult via Email
  • Access to my limited boudoir closet
  • Your boudoir photoshoot
  • Step-by-step expression & posing guidance
  • My signature editing on your reveal gallery
  • A private image debut & ordering appointment
  • Professional retouching on all purchased photographs

Photographs are sold separately.



BoPo Sessions

2.5 hour Boudoir Experience including:

Natural-Glow Makeup Styling

Photoshoot featuring up to 2 Outfits + Optional Nude Posing

10 High Res Digitals + Personal Print Release

Session Fee: 825


Celebrate Yourself

You deserve it


Empowerment Sessions

3.5 hour Boudoir Experience including: 

Hair & Makeup Styling (Custom)

Photoshoot featuring up to 4 Outfits + Optional nude posing

20 High Res Digitals + Personal Print Release

Session fee: 1400 ($250 savings)

About 3 weeks after your photoshoot, you will be invited to return for your image debut & ordering appointment to choose the photographs you can't live without! You'll also have the option to purchase additional
images for $70 each, or order luxury wall or shelf art
(see below).

Estate Wall & Shelf Art
24 x 30: 600
16 x 24: 450
12 x 18: 300
5x7 Quote Block - 275

Empowerment Album
6x9 Leatherette (Red or Black)
Album ft. 10 pages: 600
Size 8x10 Upgrade: 200
Crystal Cover Upgrade: 175
Material Cover Upgrade: 150
Gilded Pages: 125
Add 2 pages: 75
1-line Cover Engraving: 30

Sincerely You Portraits accepts payment in the form of Cash, Debit, All Major Credit Cards, and even Paypal Credit (click to learn more). You will be required to sign a legally-binding sales contract. 

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