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"My boudoir session was initially for my husband as a wedding gift, and although the groom LOVED the pictures its imperative that you all know, I am IN LOVE with them! The work she does with that camera and with her kind words will really impact your life. She has given me so much more self confidence, and has shown me how to love myself!" -Jerica


"One of the greatest, thrilling, empowering experiences of my life. Ash is an absolute pleasure, I cannot get enough of her and her work!" -Ippy

"Ashlee is amazing and is great at what she does! I left my boudoir shoot feeling beautiful and sexy and the pictures proved that. She is all about empowering us women to be who we really are, superstars! I felt so comfortable and loved every minute!"

Lately I was just not feeling as young and beautiful as I once saw myself. So I really wanted to get out of my shell and do a shoot with Ashlee. I wanted to show myself that I am sexy and just getting better with age! I was incredibly nervous for my shoot and Ashlee made me feel super comfortable and she guided me the whole way through (also letting me know how great I was doing and how beautiful I looked ;) she even gave me little sneak peaks to confirm her compliments)!

Ashlee BLEW me away! She made me feel EMPOWERED and BEAUTIFUL! And when I got to see my photos...WOW...just WOW! I'm going to need to start an annual SYP fund! .#addictedtoboudoir #imgonnabebroke #sincerelyyouprotraits


"Ashlee is such a fantastic photographer! She is so great at directing, there is NO guessing what I should do with my hands or where I should look. She's such a sweetheart too- LOVE!!" -Jen


"Thank you Ashlee for helping me get out of my bubble! You're fun, professional and know how to work that camera!" - Miss G


"Ash was amazing! She was so much fun, down to earth, and empowering. I left feeling like a new person!" -Lillie

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"I love love Ashlee! She definitely has skills to make you feel like a women all over again!!! She made me feel comfortable every step of the way!!! You can’t go wrong and the only regret you will have if you didn’t go with this chick!!!! Also, Make up and hair was on point!!" -Amber

"I love seeing the inspiration an the beauty/self confidence you put into women! Showing us what we never knew we had! (; <3" -Destiny

"I love the way you make everyone feel so beautiful!" -Kimberley

"Wonderful photographer that makes you feel stunning in your own skin!" -Melissa J

"You do amazing work (: I loved everything!! Thank you so much!!" -Deborah

"Amazing talent, incredible person. You won't go wrong if you book her!!!" -Cristina

"I had a awesome time and Ashlee is great photographer and a beautiful person." -Deanna

"I absolutely love Ashlee. She knows how to empower you as a woman. She gives you the freedom to be yourself, while still guiding you. I'd recommend her to anyone any day!!!" -Kathy

"Ashlee is AMAZING!!! I have done 2 sessions with her and I'm less nervous every time!! Her and the MUA definitely make you feel at home!!! I'd advise everyone to try!! <3" -Misty

"Ashlee is such an amazing person! She made me feel amazing throughout my shoot. The experience was so easy from booking through ordering prints and products. Definitely gained a repeat client." -Angelina

"I am so in love with Ashlee! From the moment I walked into the door until I left, she made me feel comfortable. She was so positive, guided me with each pose from the top of my head to my toes." -Katelynn

"Everything about my session, interactions with Ashlee, the products received and the entire process was perfection. Highly recommend her!" -Ashley

"She makes everyone beautiful! Her work is excellent!" -Tosha

"Ashlee is amazing!! I had the complete pleasure of meeting her while I was in Vegas and she even made time to photograph me while on her vacation with her fiancé! I've never really liked photos of myself much, but Ashlee showed me how I already am beautiful in my own skin! Images were delivered quickly and promptly, with editing consistent to her style! Love love love!! <3" -Melissa B