Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to lose weight before I book my session? No, absolutely not! Boudoir exists to celebrate the body you have right here, right now. You are beautiful as you are, and this experience will help you witness your body in a whole new way.

Is it weird to want to do this for myself? First and foremost, boudoir is for you. Always, no exceptions. If someone else gets to enjoy your photos, that's just the cherry on top! 

How much does it cost? The minimum investment for a full-length boudoir session is $800 (including the session fee), but my clients tend to spend an average of $1500. You can view my luxury product menu here.

Can I get the images on a CD? I strive to offer tangible artwork that will last for generations, however you're welcome to purchase high resolution digitals which are delivered via digital download (remember: it will be your responsibility to backup your images, as the studio cannot guarantee backup for you). SYP does not offer CD's or USB's. 

Can I come back to purchase more photos later? Per studio policy, in order to maintain healthy storage space, all un-purchased images are purged immediately after ordering appointments. Please be ready to purchase any photos you are interested in at your image debut appointment. 

Can I bring a friend to my shoot? Due to limited space, your friend is welcome to hang out in the den for the hair & makeup process, but they will need to leave the premises while the actual photoshoot is taking place.

Can I bring my child to my appointment? Children are not allowed at any of your boudoir appointments (whether it's your photoshoot day, image debut, or product pick-up appointment). Please keep in mind that part of the boudoir experience is taking a day off and enjoying some time to celebrate yourself.  As much as I love kiddos, they can be distracting from the goals of your appointment.