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Photos of Ashlee by Teri H., Jen N., and Jana V. 

At some point, women learn that it's not okay to celebrate themselves. Well, friend - I aim to misbehave!

Name & Age: Ashlee, 30
Loves: Iced dirty chai tea lattes.
Hobbies: I love watching movies, binging shows on Netflix, playing video games, and completely losing myself in a good book!

Here's a little about more me, straight from the fingertips of a recent client:

"Ash is such an expert on empathy. She was able to read when I was starting to get nervous and then immediately comforted me. It wasn't catty, it wasn't demeaning... which I always thought a photographer would be. She cared. She cared about me, she cared about my comfort, heck... she even cared about what music we played."