Headshot by Jen Needham Photography (Port Angeles, WA). Banner photo by Teri Hofford Photography (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada). 

Name, Age: Ashlee, 30
Loves: Chai lattes, Netflix, and Gaming
Status: Happily married with 4 fur-babies (a cocker spaniel, 2 mini doxies, and a Scottish fold cat) 

In my time as a photographer over the past 7 years, I've realized that it doesn't matter what size a person is, everyone has insecurities. I know that getting in front of the camera can be scary, but I have to tell you - boudoir is actually a lot of fun if you find the right photographer! Here's a little about more me, straight from the fingertips of recent clients: 

"Ash is such an expert on empathy. She was able to read when I was starting to get nervous and then immediately comforted me. It wasn't catty, it wasn't demeaning... which I always thought a photographer would be. She cared. She cared about me, she cared about my comfort, heck... she even cared about what music we played." -Ippy

"I walked in and immediately knew I was not going to regret going. Ashlee has one of those personalities that is so easy to connect with. It felt like I had known her my whole life." -Lillie