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Where you can say fuck it to societal beauty standards, break the unspoken rules that stop you from loving your body, and forgive your insecurities to move forward with a new perspective.

Boudoir is first and foremost for youMy favorite people to work with are women who are genuinely interested in seeing themselves from an outside perspective - it takes bravery to step in front of the camera, especially in your knickers! At the end of this journey, you're going to be seeing yourself with fresh, empowered eyes. If someone else gets to enjoy the photos afterward - well, that's just a great big cherry on top! 

I have loads of education, training, and experience. I've been a photographer for nearly 7 years, so I know just how to use lighting and posing to bring out your most beautiful, radiant self! You DON'T have to be a model to do boudoir - every woman you see on my website are "regular, everyday" people. You don't need to know how to pose, that's my job and I'll walk you through everything step-by-step, so don't you worry 'bout a thing! 

Beautiful Before & Beautiful After Gallery

What Others Are Saying


"The most empowering thing I could have done was seek out Ash. She is incredible and an amazing photographer. She as an eye for beauty. She is very professional but also makes you feel comfortable. She is very quick to respond and helps answering every question you could have extremely thoroughly. I suggest everyone to seek her out."


"Ashlee is such a fantastic photographer! She is so great at directing, there is NO guessing what I should do with my hands or where I should look. She's such a sweetheart too- LOVE!!"


"I walked in and immediately knew I was not going to regret going. Ashlee has one of those personalities that is so easy to connect with. She was so much fun, down to earth, and empowering. It felt like I had known her my whole life."


I was so blown away by this whole trip. This was my first ever boudoir shoot (or any photo shoot, for that matter) and I was really nervous about... well, pretty much everything. But the whole experience, from start to finish, was so stress free and dare I say... effortless? It was a wonderful and empowering collaborative experience.

What to Expect

Consultation & Booking

The first step is to get in touch with me to schedule a no-obligation consultation! We'll get to know each other to make sure we're a good fit to work together, talk about what kind of outfits will work for your body, styling preferences, artwork pricing, and then if you're ready to book - I'll send you the login info to my Client Lounge where you can fill out my services contracts and book your experience! 

Getting Ready For Your Shoot

You'll have access to my prep & lingerie guides to help you get ready for your session. My prep guide walks you through what to think about/do in the upcoming weeks. My lingerie guide is VERY thorough and goes over types of lingerie, how to de/emphasize particular features, and shop recommendations - so there's no guesswork to be done! You can also reach out to me via email at any time for advice; I love to help!

Professional Styling

Empowerment sessions include professional makeup and standard hair styling; this gives you the opportunity to relax & calm your nerves before your photoshoot, plus it'll boost your confidence and add an extra bounce to your step! We'll also use this time to gush over your outfits, jam out to a fun playlist (feel free to ask for your favorite musician to be added to the mix!), and girl chat with the makeup artist and myself! You'll also have access to my styling rack, which includes wardrobe such as bodysuits, dresses, tops, shoes, and jewelry to enhance the items you bring with you!

Your Photoshoot

I will guide you step-by-step through a variety of poses and expressions - don't be surprised if I climb up on the bed to show you how it's done! Once I get you into a pose, I will make micro adjustments to your body to make sure that you look fantastic from the tippy-top of your head, all the way down to your toesies! I'll even remind you to breathe! By the end of your session you're going to feel like a whole new woman. You'll walk taller, feel stronger, and know that you are capable of anything!

The Big Reveal

The BEST part! A couple of weeks after your photo shoot, you'll get to come back (in person or virtually) to view your photo proofs and purchase your digital or printed artwork!