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My clients are women who believe in saying  "fuck it" to society's beauty standards,
who wanna break the unspoken "rules" that claim women can't love themselves,
and who're ready to reclaim their bodies through boudoir!

Sincerely You Portraits is a home-based boudoir & empowerment studio located in Lake Jackson, Texas - 1 hour south of Houston & Galveston.


Hey babe! Lets get you started on your journey to self love & empowerment!

Here's what you need to know:

Boudoir is first and foremost for youMy favorite people to work with are women who are genuinely interested in seeing themselves from an outside perspective - it takes bravery to step in front of the camera, especially in your knickers! At the end of this journey, you're going to be seeing yourself with fresh, empowered eyes. If someone else gets to enjoy the photos afterward - well, that's just a great big cherry on top! 

I have loads of education, training, and experience. I've been a photographer for nearly 7 years, so I know just how to use lighting and posing to bring out your most beautiful, radiant self! You DON'T have to be a model to do boudoir - every woman you see on my website are "regular, everyday" people. You don't need to know how to pose, that's my job and I'll walk you through everything step-by-step, so don't you worry 'bout a thing! 

Rave Reviews:
What others are saying about Sincerely You Portraits



"The most empowering thing I could have done was seek out Ash. She is incredible and an amazing photographer. She as an eye for beauty. She is very professional but also makes you feel comfortable. She is very quick to respond and helps answering every question you could have extremely thoroughly. I suggest everyone to seek her out."



"Ashlee is such a fantastic photographer! She is so great at directing, there is NO guessing what I should do with my hands or where I should look. She's such a sweetheart too- LOVE!!"



"My boudoir session was initially for my husband as a wedding gift, and although the groom LOVED the pictures its imperative that you all know, I am IN LOVE with them! The work she does with that camera and with her kind words will really impact your life. She has given me so much more self confidence, and has shown me how to love myself!"



Ashlee is absolutely amazing. She made me feel more than comfortabl &  I would do it 10000 times over again. Ashlee was absolutely phenomenal at capturing the best possible side of myself!



"I walked in and immediately knew I was not going to regret going. Ashlee has one of those personalities that is so easy to connect with. She was so much fun, down to earth, and empowering. It felt like I had known her my whole life."



I was so blown away by this whole trip. This was my first ever boudoir shoot (or any photo shoot, for that matter) and I was really nervous about... well, pretty much everything. But the whole experience, from start to finish, was so stress free and dare I say... effortless? It was a wonderful and empowering collaborative experience.

Beautiful Before + Beautiful After Gallery


GetTING Dressed:
Lingerie Guide + The Boudie Closet


Before your session, you're encouraged to consult with me via email about your wardrobe. I'm here for you and love to help with the decision making!

On the day of your shoot, you'll also have access to my "Boudie Closet" - it's currently limited, but it's growing steadily! I have bras, bodysuits, shoes, and jewelry for you to browse and wear! You'll want to have a black thong on-hand just in case you need to utilize any closet wardrobe during your session.

That being said, the closet shouldn't be depended-upon, but rather should be used as a back-up plan or to enhance what you've already brought with you!

Professional Styling

10 HMU.jpg


When you arrive at my home studio, I'll welcome you in and get you settled into the den, where you'll meet my trusted and talented makeup artist, Angelina! 

We'll gush over your outfits and jam out to a fun play list - of course, you're welcome to request your favorite musical artists and I'll be happy to add them to the mix. :)

The hair & makeup process is meant to give you the opportunity to relax and calm your nerves before your photoshoot, plus it'll boost your confidence and add an extra bounce to your step... not to mention give you an excuse to go out later that night for a celebratory dinner - just sayin'! 



Your Photoshoot:
Fully-guided Posing


The beginning always seems to be the scariest part for everyone, but I promise within 15 minutes you'll be having fun! 

You don't even need to do any "research" before your session, because posing is my job! I will guide you step-by-step through a variety of poses and expressions - don't be surprised if I climb up on the bed with you to show you how it's done! Once I get you into a pose, I will make micro adjustments to your body to make sure that you look good from the tippy-top of your head, all the way down to your toesies! I'll even remind you to breathe! 

By the end of your session you're going to feel like a whole new woman. You'll walk taller, feel stronger, and know that you are capable of anything!

The Big Reveal:
Your Ordering Appointment


Once your photoshoot is over, we'll part ways for a couple of weeks. I'll utilize this time to cull down to the most epic shots from your session, I'll signature edit them, and I'll perform some standard skin smoothing. Then you'll be invited back for your Reveal & Ordering Appointment!

It's important to think from the very beginning of your journey about how you want to display the photos from your boudoir experience. Your reveal appointment will be the only opportunity to place an order, so you'll want to be ready with a budget in mind! So, without further ado, lets have the money talk... don't worry, I offer a variety of price points and you can even opt for a payment plan!

From Start to Finish


Step 1. Book Your Session:

{Empowerment Sessions}

60-90 minute session
Professional makeup & hair styling
3 outfits + nude posing


{Quickie Sessions}

30-45 minute session
No Styling
2 outfits (including nude posing)


Step 2. Purchase Your Artwork:


{The Empowerment Collection}

11x14 Tooled Leather Album ft. 35 photos
Photo App w/ matching high-resolution digitals
20% off Add Ons
Plus, pick 3 of the following items:

5 High Resolution Digitals
Session Slideshow

16 x 24 Luxe Print
Adult Viewfinder
4 x 6 Crystal Block
Premium Album Box

$ 3311 a la carte value

$ 2165 including tax 
$ 475 deposit & 5 monthly payments of $ 381

{The Signature Collection}

8 x 10 Leatherette Album ft. 25 photos
Photo App w/ matching high resolution digitals
15% off Add Ons
Plus, your choice of 2 items:

Session Slideshow
12 x 18 Luxe Print

Adult Viewfinder
4x6 Crystal Block
Premium Album Box

$ 2411 a la carte value

$ 1516 including tax 
$ 335 deposit & 5 monthly payments of $ 266

{The Modest Collection}

5 x 7 Linen "Little Black Book" ft. 15 photos
Photo App w/ matching high resolution digitals
10% off Add Ons
Plus, your choice of 1 item: 

4x6 Crystal Block
Premium Album Box
7x10 Luster Print

$ 1023 a la carte value

$ 758 including tax 
$ 165 deposit & 5 monthly payments of $ 134

--Album Upgrades--

Crystal/Photo Cover: $ 149
Tooled Leather Cover: $ 49
Leatherette Cover: $ 25

Page Gilding: $ 125
Premium Album Box: $ 99
Add image $ 35 each

--Digital Only Collections--

If physical products aren't your thing.

5 photos: $ 449
10 photos: $ 749
15 photos: $ 1049
20 photos: $ 1299
25 photos: $ 1499
30 photos: $ 1649

After 30 Only
Add 1 image for $ 50 each
Add 5 images for $ 175

--Add On Products--

Lex Estate Metals
20 x 30: $ 599
16 x 24: $ 469
12 x 18: $ 339

Adult 3D Viewfinder: $ 225
4 x 6 Quote Block: $ 175

There is a minimum purchase of $449, which is the 5-image digital package.
I accept payment in the form of Cash, Debit, All Major Credit Cards, and even Paypal Credit

It's true that boudoir is an investment! Trust me love- you are worth every single penny. I know it can be difficult to justify an expense on your own behalf; even I know this struggle. I also know a lot of you moms out there are used to doing things for everyone else - including spending money... that's why I offer a super convenient payment plan option! So you can take home #allofthethings without the big price tag all at once!

Ready to dive right into your boudoir journey?



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